James and the Giant Peach

Enlightened Theatrics (December 2023)

Directed by Stephen Munshaw

Midwinter Revels: Emerald Odyssey

Portland Revels (December 2023)

Directed by Bruce Akpan Hostetler

Taking Care of Animals

21ten Theatre (November 2023)

Directed by Alex Hurt

Woman and Scarecrow

Corrib (October 2023)

Directed by Holly Griffith


CoHo Clown CoHort (September 2023)

Theatre 33 Summer 2023 Season

The Names

Working for Crumbs


Rancho Trinidad

Portland Revels (June 2023)

Directed by Sophina Flores

Going To St Ives

21ten Theatre (June 2023)

Directed by Ted Rooney

Core Values

The Actors Conservatory (April 2023)

Directed by Michael Mendelson

Dear Elizabeth

Enlightened Theatrics (March 2023)

Directed by Melody Erfani


Corrib (February 2023)

Directed by Tamara Carroll


Corrib (November 2022)

Directed by Holly Griffith

Theatre 33 Summer 2022 Season

Lost in the Hills

7 Secrets of Teaching Online

Acts of Creation

Kissing the Witch

Corrib (June 2022)

Directed by Tracy Francis

Antigone at the Border

Milagro (March 2022)

Directed by Reina Solunaya

Christmas Gift

Theatre 33 (December 2021)

Directed by Elizabeth Helman

Theatre 33 Summer 2021 Season

Merchant of Stratford

Unbuttoning Virginia

Russian Troll

Jekyll and Hyde

Experience Theatre Project (February 2020)

Directed by Alisa Stewart


Oregon Children’s Theatre (October 2019)

Directed by Marci Crawson

Theatre 33 Summer 2019 Season

The Harder Courage

Bethany Sees the Stars


The Comedy of Errors

Experience Theatre Project (June 2019)

Directed by Brenda Hubbard


CoHo (February 2019)

Directed by Gavin Hoffman

Witch Hunt

CoHo Clown CoHort (January 2019)

Directed by Philip Cuomo

The Taming

CoHo (November 2018)

Directed by Mariel Sierra

Burn This

Willamette University Theatre (2018)

Directed by Jonathan Cole