Bethany Sees the Stars by Emily Golden

Theatre 33

Directed by Stephen Alexander

The Comedy of Errors

Experience Theatre Project

Directed by Brenda Hubbard

Burst by Rachel Bublitz

Theatre 33

Directed by Theresa Robbins Dudeck

Pontypool by Tony Burgess

CoHo (season 23)

Directed by Gavin Hoffman

Featuring Christy Bigelow, Jimmy Garcia, Paige McKenney, Pat Moran, and Todd Van Voris

Witch Hunt 

Directed by Philip Cuomo

A new comedic work from the CoHo Clown CoHort, influenced by the Puritan work ethic, the Federalist Papers, current events, and also a famous play, kind of but not really

  • Directed by Mariel Sierra
  • Scene Design by Emily Wilken
  • Costume Design by Allison Johnson
  • Light Design by Blanca Forzan
  • Sound Design by Sharath Patel

Featuring: Lauren Bloom Hanover, McKenna Twedt, Katie Watkins

The Taming by Lauren Gunderson

CoHo (Season 23)

Directed by Mariel Sierra

A Step Away From Reason

Aerial Dance choregraphed by EJ Reinagel

Featuring Jessi Foutes and Kate Morris

The Murder of Lidice 

by Edna St. Vincent Millay, adapted by Lois O. Meyer

Burn This

Willamette University

Directed by Jonathan Cole

Scene Design by Christoper Harris

Costume Design by Allison Johnson

Lighting and Sound Design by Rachel Kinsmen-Steck

Technical Direction by EJ Reinagel

  • Anna - Ilia Forkin
  • Pale - Reilly Resnick
  • Larry - Jarod Todeschi
  • Burton - Max Sherman

The Rover

By Aphra Behn

The Swan by Elizabeth Egloff

Symbolic Interactions:  Giving Voice, Making Space

Willamette University Theatre


  • Choreographer - Bryant Henderson
  • Lighting Design - Sarah Hughey
  • Costume Design - Allison Johnson

"We Stand Together"

  • Choreographer - Michele Ainza
  • Lighting Designer - Sarah Hughey
  • Costume Designer - Allison Johnson

Assistant Costume Designs

The Events

Third Rail Repertory Theatre

  • Directed by Scott Yarbrough
  • Written by David Greig
  • Claire - Maureen Porter
  • The Boy - Joseph Gibson
  • Lighting Design by Jennifer Lin
  • Sound Consult by Mark Valadez
  • Accompanist Jennifer Dykstra
  • Costume Design by Bobby Brewer-Wallin
  • Music Direction by Mont Chris Hubbard
  • Scenic Design by Megan Wilkerson

The Feathered Mantle (Hagoromo) *author unknown and The Weaver and the Dress by Judy Halebsky

  • Director - Jubilith Moore
  • Scene Design - Christopher L. Harris
  • Costume Design - Bobby Brewer-Wallin
  • Mask Design & Carving - Hideta Kitazawa
  • Lighting Design - Rachel Kinsman Steck
  • Music Direction/Sound Design - Zach Ward
  • Technical Direction - EJ Reinagel