Ashley Song as Scarecrow (left) and Kerie Darner as Woman (right). Photo by Owen Carey

Written by Marina Carr

Directed by Holly Griffith

Stage / Production Manager – Abbie Northrop
Scenic / Props Designer – Kyra Sanford
Costume Designer – Allison Normin Johnson
Lighting Designer – Kelly Terry

Kerie Darner
Jason Glick
Maria Porter
Ashley Song

A conversation with the cackling shadows that appear at the edge of death.

Afflicted by a mysterious ailment, a woman lies on her deathbed in what should be the prime of her middle age. In her existential haze, a fierce and darkly witty figure called Scarecrow appears at her bedside. The pair banter, argue, and laugh about the bittersweetness of being alive. Meanwhile, something monstrous rattles from inside the woman’s wardrobe, clawing at the doors to be released.