Erin McGarry as Cora (left) and Quigley Provost-Landrum as May (right). Photo: Jon Farley

Written by Lee Blessing

Directed by Ted Rooney

Stage Manager – Chris Brantly
Set Design – Kyra Sanford
Costume Design – Allison Normin Johnson
Dramaturg / Program Editor – Niels Truman
Lighting Design – Jon Farley
Props Master – Nathan Crosby
Sound Design – Mitchyl Ainslie

Erin McGarry
Quigley Provost-Landrum

Lee Blessing’s Going to St Ives is a play about moral dilemmas. When given the opportunity, is it always right to rid the world of a tyrannical force, even if it means engaging in violence? How responsible are we for the actions of our children? How responsible are we for the actions of our nation? Is it incumbent on us as individuals to try and rectify these actions, reversing their legacy? If we choose not to engage, are we being complacent? In short: what do we owe each other?