Written by Tony Burgess

  • Director – Gavin Hoffman
  • Scenic Design – Ted Jonathan Gold
  • Lighting Design – Jennifer Lin
  • Sound Design – Jen Raynak
  • Costume Design – Allison Johnson
  • Makeup – Janet Price
  • Featuring: Christy Bigelow, Todd Van Voris, Pat Moran, Paige McKenny, and Jimmy Garcia

When the sleepy town of Pontypool, Oregon is hit with a devastating and mysterious epidemic, shock jock Grant Mazzy (Todd Van Voris) and the staff at the local radio station must ask, “Is this just fake news?” As reports of escalating violence in the streets come in, tensions rise in the basement studio where Mazzy continues to broadcast. Based on Pontypool Changes Everything, the cult horror novel-turned-film-turned-radio play by Tony Burgess, this suspenseful and gory stage adaptation merges thoughtful semiotic satire with America’s zombie obsession. (Yes, there will be blood.)