Phoebe Jacobs as Giulia (left) and Erica Towe as Martina (right) in The Names. Photo by Dale Peterson

The Names by Paul Lewis

Directed by Rod Ceballos

Starring: Erica Towe, Phoebe Jacobs, Ryan Carty, Elizabeth Rothan, Alex Foufos, Colin Murray

Martina Visconti, a Jewish opera star, decides to remain in German-occupied Milan during World War II in hopes of protecting her impetuous younger sister Giulia, who has joined the Resistance. Meanwhile, an American GI in an embattled infantry unit south of Rome dreams of reaching Milan so that he can finally meet his operatic idol. A story of the bonds of love stretched to their very limits and the heart-wrenching choice one sister must make in a world that is falling into unfathomable darkness.

Working for Crumbs by Kate Danley

Directed by Susan Coromel

Starring: Chelsea Janzen Williams, Annie Rimmer-Weeks, Ellie Knoll, Rachael Loop, Tracy Webber and Mathieu Voisine

Grace and Amy are living for the crumbs of their soul-sucking job. But when calamity strikes and their boss chokes on an oatmeal raisin cookie, it creates a domino effect of destruction that brings down the corporate house. 9 to 5 meets Weekend at Bernie’s in this quick-witted, sidesplitting farce!

Solastalgia by Joye Otto

Directed by Elizabeth Helman

Starring: Jillyn Chang, Julia Hollingsworth, Ben Lawrence, Jesse Merz and Maxwell Romprey

Somewhere in the west, as the environment burns, an owl, a deer, and a wolf meet up at their usual generator-run bar to drink beers and lament the constant smoke, helicopters, and road closures when a youngster with a Nintendo Switch decides to join them.