“Beethoven & Chopin Meet the Bride of Frankenstein” (CoHo Clown CoHort). Director – Philip Cuomo. Music – Jaime Flynn. Production Design – Morgan Clark-Gaynor. Lighting – Kevin Young. Featuring Anthony Amista, Clifton Holznagel, Emily Newton, Emily Eisele, Sasha Blocker, and Jeff Desautels Photo by Neverland Images LLC
  • Director – Philip Cuomo
  • Music – Jaime Flynn
  • Production Design – Morgan Clark-Gaynor
  • Costume Design – Allison Johnson
  • Lighting – Kevin Young.
  • Featuring Anthony Amista, Sascha Blocker, Jeff Desautles, Emily Eisele, Clifton Holznagel, and Emily Newton

The CoHo Clown CoHort once again back at Fertile Ground, exploring the parallels between music, monster hunting, and love. Taking inspiration from James Whale’s cinematic interpretation, Abbot & Costello’s shtick, this is a look at Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel Frankenstein with classical music legends Beethoven and Chopin distilled down into the pure physical comedy of clowning.

Taking major inspiration from classic clowning colors of black and white with hints of red, I sought to add a bit more into the mix with blue as the technological outsider of The Bride. This show was seeking to give the impression of the visual depth of Romanticism while maintaining the flexibility of clowning. Layering and frills played a large part in making the characters bigger or smaller as needed.