Clyde Berry as Robert in The Harder Courage. Photo by Dale Peterson

A new play by Leslie Slape

  • Director – Rod Ceballos
  • Costume Design – Allison Johnson
  • Scenic Design – Robert Vaugh
  • Sound/Light Design – Rachel Kinsman Steck
  • Stage Manager – Abby Mearns
  • Design Intern – Madison Munro
  • Featuring: Thomas Nabhan, Clyde Berry, Jennifer Skyler, Elizabeth Rothan.

The Harder Courage is set between 1891-92, in the jail cell and courthouse of Cowlitz County in Washington.  This show follows the relationship and decisions between the sheriff and the accused, counseled by the women in their lives. I sought to keep the two main characters, Ben Holmes and Robert Day, in the same basic outfit throughout, aside from changes seen on stage. It was through the women that the passage of time was observed.

As with all Theatre 33 productions, this was a new play in the works with script changes happening throughout the rehearsal process as the writer sees the play get up on its feet. As such, it was important for me to distill the essence of each character from the beginning, to account for potentially needed flexibility as edits and new pages come out.