Photo by Casey Campbell

Written by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Adapted and Directed by Alisa Stewart

Set Design – Alex Meyer
Prop Design & Set Dresser – Nicole D’Amico
Costume Designer – Allison Johnson
Lighting Design – TS McCormick
Sound Design – Alisa Stewart
Video – Jeremy Gardels, Alisa Stewart, Ryan Pfeiffer ​
Stage Manager – Topher Rohrer
Assistant SM – Adrianna Denslinger

Richard Cohn-Lee, Steven Grawrock, Adria Malcolm, Falynn Burton, Eric Island, Lydia Fleming, Erik Montague, Matt Ostrowski, Lalanya Gunn, Carlyn Blount, Ryan Pfeiffer and Jeffrey Michael Kaufman

Experience Theatre Project’s adaptation of the classic novella strove to create an immersive experience for the audience. Set in the wild west of Montana in the mid 1860’s, this show was an up close and personal experience that left little room between the audience and performers. ​

With a wide array of characters and actors, many of whom played multiple parts, a large part of my task was to find specific color schemes and silhouettes to help the audience track whether a costume change indicated a change of character or passage of time. I did my best to enforce the historical setting, while allowing room for artistic expression in the characters individual voices.