Sarah Aldrich and Hannah Lauren Wilson. Photo by Casey Campbell Photography

Directed by Brenda Hubbard

Set Designer – Derek Lane
Props Designer – Nicole D’Amico
Costume Designer – Allison Johnson
Hair and Make-up – Jessa Lowe
Fight Choreography – Kristen Mun

Sarah Alrich, Jena Viemeister, Walter Petryk, Ty Hendrix, Leslie Renee, Adam Roper, Neil Wade Freer, Steven Grawrock, David H. Fuks, Bobbi Kaye Kupfner, Hannah Lauren Wilson, Joey Kelly, and Ryan Pfeiffer.

Experience Theatre Project presented Shakespeare’s light hearted comedy outside in the dog days of summer. The touring nature of this open air production presented two major challenges; everything had to be portable, light weight, and machine washable, while also being able to visually stand out in the busy outside world, with other stimuli competing for attention. I approached this through leaning heavily into bright and bold colors, which also helped serve to tell the differences between the people of Ephesus and those of Syracuse. The setting was anachronistically unhistorical, but not of this world, in a bright and bustling market center. I took inspiration from historical sources as well as contemporary fashions, while being careful not to lean too hard onto stereotypes.